George Washington Papers

[Diary entry: 28 June 1791]

Tuesday 28th. Whilst the Commissioners were engaged in preparing the Deeds to be signed by the subscribers 1 this afternoon, I went out with Majrs. L’Enfant and Ellicot to take a more perfect view of the ground, in order to decide finally on the spots on which to place the public buildings and to direct how 2 a line which was to leave out a Spring (commonly known by the name of the Cool Spring) belonging to Majr. Stoddart should be run.

the spots: GW accepted L’Enfant’s suggestions for placing the Capitol “on the west end of Jenkins heights which Stand as a pedestal waiting for a monument,” while the president’s house, “situated on that ridge which attracted your attention . . . will see 10 or 12 Miles down the potowmak,” thus “adding to the sumptousness of a palace the convenience of a house and the agreableness of a country seat” (L’Enfant to GW, 22 June 1791, DLC: L’Enfant Papers).

1“to be signed by the subscribers” added in place of “for signing.”

2“how” inserted above line.

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