George Washington Papers

[Diary entry: 2 February 1790]

Tuesday 2d. Exercised in the Carriage with Mrs. Washington.

On my return found Mr. Blair one of the Associate Judges, The Attorney Genl. of the United States and Colo. Bland here.

The Levee to day was much Crowded, and very respectable: among other Company, the District judge and Attorney, with the Marshall and all the Grand jurors of the Federal District Court (and a respectable body they were) attended.

Sent (yesterday) the Deed of Session of the Western Lands, by the State of No. Carolina to the United States to both Houses of Congress.

John Blair (1732–1800) was a member of a prominent Virginia family. He attended the College of William and Mary and in 1755 studied law at the Middle Temple. He was a member of the Virginia House of Burgesses 1766–70 and in the latter year became clerk of the council, serving at least until the mid–1770s. During the Revolution and the Confederation period, he held a number of judicial posts and became widely known in legal circles. As a member of the Constitutional Convention and the Virginia Ratifying Convention he vigorously supported the Constitution. GW appointed Blair an associate justice of the Supreme Court in Sept. 1789. Edmund Randolph had been appointed United States attorney general 25 Sept. 1789 but had remained in Virginia until the end of the session of the Virginia Assembly of which he was a member. He probably arrived in New York City at the end of January (REARDON description begins John J. Reardon. Edmund Randolph: A Biography. New York, 1974. description ends , 179, 191). district judge: James Duane. district . . . attorney: Richard Harison. the marshall: William Stephens Smith. deed of session: See entry for 29 Jan. 1790.

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