George Washington Papers

[Diary entry: 30 December 1786]

Saturday 30th. Mercury at 28 in the Morning—36 at Noon and 30 at Night.

An exceeding heavy close fog all day without Wind.

Staked out the fields at the Ferry Plantation to day, according to the late modification of them. Visited the Ditchers and rid to Dogue run where the People had just finished securing the corn measured yesterday and were going to grub a piece of ground for the Muddy hole plows to work on East of the Branch in Field No. 1. The Muddy hole hds. began to succour, or take the sprouts from the stumps in the New ground to prepare it for Hoeing for corn.

Killed the following Hogs

Neck Plantn. 25 Hogs 2861 Dogue Run Do. 5 Do. 571 Ferry Do. 8 867 From this quantity 4299 Thoms. Bishop has had 400 Thos. Green—2d. parcel 200 Richd. B. Walker 300 Overseer Morris 45 Ditto Davy 55 Ditto Will 157 Ditto Isaac 116 1273 In addn. to the former Killed the 19th. & 20th. 9476 Ditto at the Plantns. for Overrs. 1009 Ditto for forward Bacon from Neck 6 Hogs 905 Mill 3 Do. 460 1365 Total amt. 120 Hogs 16149 Delivered to sundries pr. the foregoing acct. 2282 For family consumpn. 13867

Besides the above, there are 4 Hogs yet at the ferry Plantn. to Kill—from which the overseer [will receive] the Balle. due to him.

The Snow was mostly gone especially off Grass land. Wheat Fields still were partly covered.

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