George Washington Papers

[Diary entry: 29 October 1786]

Sunday 29th. Mercury at 54 in the Morning—60 at Noon and 58 at Night.

Lowering at times through the day—very little wind and that South—very smoaky all day.

About noon Mrs. Stuart and one of her youngest Children left this for Mr. Lund Washingtons. At the same time I crossed the river with intention to view & Survey my land in Charles County Maryland. Went to and lodged at Govr. Smallwoods about 14 Miles from the Ferry.

William Smallwood (1732–1792) came from a distinguished Charles County, Md., family. In 1761 he represented Charles County in the Maryland legislature, joined the Maryland nonimportation association in 1769, and became a delegate to the Maryland Convention of 1775. During the Revolution he attained the rank of major general. He was elected to Congress in 1785 but before assuming office was chosen to succeed William Paca as governor of Maryland. After serving three one-year terms, Smallwood retired in 1788 to his home in southern Maryland.

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