George Washington Papers

[Diary entry: 19 July 1786]

Wednesday 19th. Mercury at 82 in the morning—89 at Noon and 81 at Night.

Clear until about 2 Oclock when a cloud arose to the Westward out of which proceeded a powerful rain.

Rid to all the Plantations to day. At that in the Neck, the Scythemen having cut (yesterday) the upper part of the Meadow, & to the cross fence; returned to the Oat field to day at the old orchard point, which they cut down; but did not shock, the straw being too green for it. At the same place, the Plows finished the middle cut of the drilled corn, & plowed, in the same cut, the intervals between the corn rows which were designed for Turnips. The Plows at Muddy hole began yesterday afternoon to give the middle cut (next to, & adjoining, the drilled corn) another plowing from the road to the woods back. 4 other shocks of rye at this place from another part of the field, yielded about the same quantity of clean grain that the first did—viz.—five bushels; from which, their being 177 shocks in the field, it may be computed that not more than 220 or 225 will be obtained.

On my return home I found Mr. Calvert of Maryland and his son, Colo. Bland, Mr. Geo. Digges, Mr. Foster & Lund Washington here—all of whom dined. The 3 first stayed the evening the other three returned.

mr. calvert of maryland and his son: The son accompanying Benedict Calvert to Mount Vernon is probably one of his two eldest boys, Edward Henry Calvert (1766–1846) or George Calvert (1768–1838).

Theodorick Bland (1742–1790), of Prince George County, was the son of Theodorick and Frances Bolling Bland of Cawsons on the Appomattox River. After receiving a M.D. degree at the University of Edinburgh in 1763, Bland returned to Virginia to practice medicine. He served as a colonel in the Continental Army 1776–79, and as a delegate to the Continental Congress 1780–83. In 1786 he was elected to the Virginia House of Delegates where he served until 1788.

Ralph Foster (Forster) was George Digges’s brother-in-law. His wife, Theresa (Tracy) Digges Foster (Forster), had died in Oct. 1784 (Va. Journal, 14 Oct. 1784).

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