George Washington Papers

[Diary entry: 15 September 1785]

Thursday 15th. Mercury at 72 in the Morning—74 at Noon and 73 at Night.

Brisk Southerly wind all the forenoon, and cloudy—in the Afternoon the wind was more moderate & clear.

Doctr. L’Moyer came in before Dinner.

Jean Pierre Le Mayeur (Lamayner, L’Moyer), a French dentist who came to New York during the Revolution, went to GW’s headquarters in 1783 to do some work on his teeth (GW to Le Mayeur, 16 July 1783, GW to William Stephens Smith, 15 May and 18 June 1783, Smith to GW, 20 May 1783, DLC:GW). Le Mayeur visited Mount Vernon in the summer of 1784 and evidently became a favorite with little George Washington Parke Custis. He played games with the child and in August sent him a new red toy horse “just big Enough for the little house which master George and myself built on the side of the hill” (Le Mayeur to GW, 14 Aug. 1784, DLC:GW). After this visit to Mount Vernon, Le Mayeur went to Richmond where he advertised that he performed “operations on the teeth, hitherto performed in Europe, such as transplanting, &c., &c., &c.” Le Mayeur also offered a payment of three guineas for good front teeth from anyone but slaves (Va. Mag., 10 [1902–3], 325).

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