George Washington Papers

[Diary entry: 12 August 1785]

Friday 12th. Thermometer at 76 in the Morning—82 at Noon and 83 at Night.

Very little wind, but some appearances of rain in the West but none fell.

Mrs. Fendall and Miss [ ] second Daughter of the President of Congress dined here and returned home after it.

The second daughter of Richard Henry Lee, president of Congress, was Hannah Lee (1766–c.1801), who was married in 1787 to GW’s nephew, Corbin Washington. GW usually followed the custom of referring to the eldest daughter of a family only by her family name (i.e., Miss Lee) and to her younger sisters by their given names (Miss Hannah Lee). Thus, since he could not remember the girl’s given name, he left a blank in the manuscript.

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