George Washington Papers

[Diary entry: 27 April 1785]

Wednesday 27th. Mercury at 74 in the Morning—76 at noon and 78 at Night.

Marked out a new place for my front gate & serpentine Post & rail fences from it to the Outer Ditch.

Sowed in drills, 18 Inches a part, & 3 feet from the Holly berries in the inclosure by the Hop Patch 10 rows of the small berried thorn.

Rid to Muddy hole. Upon my return, found General & Mrs. Moylan here.

Stephen Moylan (1737–1811), an Irish-born Philadelphia merchant, was appointed muster-master general of the Continental Army in Aug. 1775, secretary to GW in Mar. 1776, and quartermaster general in June 1776. From 1777 to 1783 Moylan served as colonel of the 4th Continental Dragoons. GW appointed him commissioner of loans for Pennsylvania in 1793. Moylan was married to Mary Ricketts Van Horn, of Phil’s Hill, N.J.

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