George Washington Papers

[Diary entry: 9 May 1775]

9th. Breakfasted at Chester, & dined at the City Tavern Phila. Supped at Mr. Jos. Reads.

The arrival in Philadelphia of the delegates from Virginia and other southern colonies was celebrated, according to Christopher Marshall, by a large reception and parade at the outskirts of the city (Duane, Diary of Marshall description begins William Duane, ed. Extracts from the Diary of Christopher Marshall, Kept in Philadelphia and Lancaster, during the American Revolution, 1774–1781. 1877. Reprint. New York, 1969. description ends , 25). However, since Marshall himself was not present at the scene, and no other contemporary accounts have been found that mention any such reception, it seems probable that he confused this with the enthusiastic reception and parade accorded the New England delegates on the following day. The reception of the New England delegates was described by numerous participants and eyewitnesses, but is not mentioned by Marshall.

Samuel Curwen, a Loyalist, also spent this evening at Joseph Reed’s house “in company with Colonel Washington a fine figure, and of a most easy and agreeable address,” Richard Henry Lee, Benjamin Harrison, and others. “I staid till 12 o’clock, the conversation being chiefly on the most feasible and prudent method of stopping up the Channel of Delaware to prevent the coming up of any large King’s ships to the City. I could not perceive the least disposition to accomodate matters or even risk” (CURWEN description begins Andrew Oliver, ed. The Journal of Samuel Curwen, Loyalist. 2 vols. Cambridge, Mass., 1972. description ends , 1:7–8).

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