George Washington Papers

[Diary entry: 14 October 1773]

14. At home all day. In the Afternoon Mr. Harrison the Lawyer & Mr. Harrison the Merchant came.

Richard Harrison (d. 1841), Maryland merchant, may have been of the same family as Robert Hanson Harrison. He was by 1775 a partner in the firm of Hooe & Harrison. Early in the Revolution he was sent to Martinique as commercial agent for Virginia to further trade between that island and Virginia. In Cadiz, 1780–86, he acted as unofficial consul for the United States. Later he settled in Alexandria as a merchant. After refusing an appointment by GW as consul to the port of Cadiz, he served as auditor of the U.S. Treasury 1791–1836. Some time after this visit, Harrison married Nancy Craik, daughter of GW’s old friend Dr. James Craik.

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