George Washington Papers

[Diary entry: 27 August 1773]

27. Govr. Eden, Captn. Ellis, Mr. Danl. Dulany & Mr. George Digges—as also Miss Nelly Calvert, Miss Tracy Digges & Mrs. Jenny Digges came over with me to Dinr. Also came Mr. Ben. Dulany & Mr. Tilghman—all of whom stayd all Night.

captn. ellis: John Joiner Ellis joined the 18th Regiment of Foot (Royal Irish) in America 21 Jan. 1773. Although Ellis was listed in a 1774 army list as holding the rank of lieutenant in the regiment, he may, like many other British officers, have held a higher rank in the army or for the duration of his service in America (BRITISH FIELD OFFICERS description begins A List of the General and Field-officers, As They Rank in the Army. 7 vols. London, 1754–78. description ends , 72).

Eden, Ellis, and the Dulanys were on their way to Williamsburg. Purdie and Dixon’s Virginia Gazette for 9 Sept. 1773 reported that “Sunday last his Excellency Robert Eden, Esquire, Governour of Maryland, arrived in this City [Williamsburg] in Order to qualify to his new Commission before the Commander in Chief of this Colony, agreeable to Instructions from the Government, which having performed he sat out upon his Return on Wednesday Morning. He was accompanied by Captain Ellis of the Royal Irish, and Daniel Dulany, and Benjamin Dulany, Esquires.” Upon the death of the sixth Baron Baltimore in 1771, the Maryland proprietorship had devolved upon Henry Harford, illegitimate son of Lord Baltimore. By an order in council dated 5 Mar. 1773, the proprietary lieutenant governor was required, upon this change of proprietorship, to take an oath to uphold the acts of trade and navigation and give security thereof. This oath was to be administered by the governor of Virginia (MD. ARCHIVES description begins Archives of Maryland. 72 vols. Baltimore, 1883–1972. description ends , 63:423–25).

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