George Washington Papers

[Diary entry: 30 May 1773]

30. Dined with Genl. Gage & spent the Evening in my own Room writing.

GW wrote to Rev. Myles Cooper, president of King’s College, concerning financial arrangements for Jacky’s stay at the college. He sent Cooper bills of exchange for £100 for Jacky’s use and asked him to establish credit for him with recommended merchants. However, GW added, if Jacky was too extravagant he hoped Cooper would “by your friendly admonitions . . . check the progress of it” (GW to Cooper, 31 May 1773, PHi: Gratz Collection). GW had evidently discussed arrangements for young Custis’s room and board with Cooper earlier, for on 5 July 1773 Jacky wrote reassuringly to his anxious mother: “I believe I may say without vanity that I am look’d upon in a particular Light by them all [the faculty]. There is as much Distinction made between me, & the other Students as can be expected. I dine with them [the professors] (A liberty that is not allow’d any but myself) associate & pertake of all their recreations & their Attention to my Education keeps pace with their other good offices. . . . I have a large parlour with two Studies or closets, each large enough to contain a bed, trunk, & couple of chairs, one I sleep in, & the other Joe [his servant] calls his” (DLC:GW).

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