George Washington Papers

[Diary entry: 22 December 1770]

22. Began to Grind Sand in my Mill the Water being let in upon the Fore Bay.

Dry sand was being ground between the new millstones “to smooth down the sharp points” on their faces. When the faces were fully finished and fitted together, they would be furrowed and dressed for grinding grain (craik [1] description begins David Craik. The Practical American Millwright and Miller: Comprising the Elementary Principles of Mechanics, Mechanism, and Motive Power, Hydraulics, and Hydraulic Motors, Mill Dams, Saw-Mills, Grist-Mills, the Oat-Meal Mill, the Barley Mill, Wool Carding and Cloth Fulling and Dressing, Windmills, Steam Power, etc. Philadelphia, 1870. description ends , 298–99). The forebay was a deep reservoir at the end of the millrace, from which water was taken to run the waterwheel.

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