George Washington Papers

[Diary entry: 17 March 1770]

17. Rid with Mr. West to Mr. Triplets to settle the Lines of Harrisons Patent. Passd by the Mill with Colo. Lewis. Mr. Whiting went home this Mor⟨n⟩ing & Mr. West in the Afternn. from T[riplet]s.

Harrison’s patent, a grant of 266 acres made to William Harrison 4 Dec. 1706, lay northwest of Dogue Run between the lands that GW had bought from Pearson and the Ashfords in 1761–62 and Trenn’s land, which he had bought in 1764. Part of the patent was now owned by John West Jr.’s mother, Sybil, a daughter of William Harrison, and the remainder by William Triplett (Lord Fairfax’s grant to GW, 4 Mar. 1771, Northern Neck Deeds and Grants, Book I, 187, Vi Microfilm; deed of Sybil West to Triplett, 26 Mar. 1777, Fairfax County Deeds, Book M–1, 315–16, Vi Microfilm). The boundaries of the patent were surveyed on this day because GW’s proposed new millrace and dams would be near the southeast line and might infringe upon it.

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