George Washington Papers

Acct. of the Weather—in Novr. [1769]

Acct. of the Weather—in Novr. [1769]

Novr. 1. Very Cloudy & sometimes Misty with but little Wind & that Eastwardly.

2. Misty & Raining all day. Wind Eastwardly tho but little of it.

3. Raing. in the Morning & misty afterwards till 4 Oclock, then clear. Wind Westwardly.

4. Clear. Wind westwardly.

5. Clear, Calm, & pleasant.

6. Lowering with a good deal of Rain Lightning & some thunder in the Night.

7. Tolerably pleasant, & clear, Wind Northwardly.

8. Clear and very pleasant with but little wind and that Southwardly.

9. Very pleast. Morning with the Wind at south. Afternoon Lowering with an Eastwardly wind & a good deal of Rain in the Night.

10. Clear & pleasant but somewhat cool Wind being Northwardly.

11. Clear and pleasant Morning but lowering & threatning afternoon.

12. Rain in the Night. Wind high from the Northwest—but not very cold.

13. Cool Morning but more moderate afternoon. Wind Southwardly.

14. Raw & cold Wind at Southwest & like for Snow but turnd to Rain abt. 10 Oclock & cd. to Rain till two.

15. Wind Westwardly & cold. Ice upon the Waters & ground froze.

16. Clear and pleasant, tho somewhat cool wind being westwardly & No. Wt.

17. Clear & not so cool as yesterday tho the wind was in the same Qr.

18. Morning clear and pleasant but Wind Eastwardly—after which it grew Raw Cold & Cloudy threatning Rain.

19. Cold & disagreeable. Wind Eastwardly & very fresh. Very Cloudy also.

20. A good deal of Rain in the Night & more or less all day. Wind still East.

21. A great deal of Rain fell last Night. Wind at No. West & After noon clear & cool. Morning Cloudy.

22. Clear & pleasant (but somewhat cool). Little or no Wind.

23. Clear and pleasant with but little Wind till late in the Night, when it shifted to No. Wt. & blew hard & Cold.

24. Wind No. & No. Wt. & very cold but clear.

25. A Remarkable white Frost.

26. Clear forenoon & pleasant with little or no wind. The Afternoon lowering & threatning Rain.

27. Much Rain fell in the Night, & showery all day, with the wind Southwardly & Warm with Lightng. and thunder. Wind shiftg. in the Eveng.

28. Clear and Cold. Wind Northwardly.

29. Clear and Cold. The afternoon lowering & like to Rain.

30. Misting all day but not Cold there being but little Wind.

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