George Washington Papers

[Diary entry: 18 August 1769]

18. Mr. Barclay, Mr. Wodrow & Mr. Wood dined here. My Lord the two Colo. Fx’s & others drank Tea here.

mr. wodrow: probably either Alexander or Andrew Wodrow. Alexander Wodrow served as provisioner of the garrison at Fort Cumberland during the French and Indian War and voted for GW in the Frederick County burgesses election of 1758. In 1774 he served on the committee of safety of King George County. Andrew Wodrow, perhaps a younger brother or son of Alexander, was clerk of the King George County committee of safety in 1775 and served in the Revolution as major and lieutenant colonel of the Virginia militia 1779–81 and as brigadier quartermaster of the Hampshire County militia. He was clerk of the Hampshire County court from c.1787 to c.1793 and represented the county at the Virginia Constitutional Convention in 1788.

James Wood (1741–1813) was the son of James Wood (1707–1759), the founder of Winchester, Va. He was a Frederick County burgess from 1766–76 and signed the Virginia nonimportation agreement of this year and 1770. He served throughout the Revolution and was later elected governor of Virginia.

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