George Washington Papers

[Diary entry: 10 July 1769]

10. Rid to Muddy hole in the forenoon. After dinner rid to Captn. Posey’s where Mr. Jno. West was Surveying—and then to my wheat field again. Sally Carlyle came in the Afternoon.

John West, Jr., and Philip Alexander, attorney for John Posey, were today surveying the strip where Posey’s house and ferry were located in preparation for a hearing of West’s suit to evict Posey from the property (the dated survey is at ViMtvL). Posey had by now returned home from Maryland but was unwilling yet to face the reality of his heavy debts, boasting to the assembled company at Rover’s Delight today that his new wife had brought him much wealth, including “300 half Joes.” GW knew that Posey was bluffing, having heard that his wife had not and would not convey any of her estate to him (GW to Posey, 26 July 1769, DLC:GW).

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