George Washington Papers

[Diary entry: 17 March 1769]

17. Executing Leases to those who had taken Lotts—being at Captn. Ashbys.

GW had cut up his purchase of Carter’s land into lots of about 100 acres each and was leasing them on a long-term basis to local farmers for about £4 Virginia currency per lot. On this day GW made at least 11 leases, some of which were for more than one lot. In GW’s lease to George Russell, a fairly typical one, Russell was to be charged 30s. for each hand over four that was worked on the lot. Within ten years Russell was to plant and tend “at least Fifty Winter Apple trees at Thirty feet distance every way from each other and One hundred Peach trees at Sixteen feet distance every way from each other” and to build “a Good dwelling house at least Sixteen feet square of framed Work or Loggs Sawed and well hewed and a Barne or Tobacco house of Convenient Size or other houses and Buildings Equal thereto.” GW retained the right to “all Mines Minerals and Quaries,” as well as most of the timber, and reserved to himself “the Priviledge of hunting and fowling in or upon any part” of Russell’s lot (17 Mar. 1769, ViWarFauCt).

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