George Washington Papers

Observation’s—in—October [1768]

Observation’s—in—October [1768]

Octr. 1st. The hound Bitch Tipsey, was lind by the little Spaniel dog Pompey before she was shut up in the House with old Harry.

4. Finishd Sowing Wheat at the Mill which field took 75 Bushels.

5. Finishd Sowing in the Neck. This field took 216 Bushels. Which makes the quantities sowed as follow—Viz.—

At Doeg Run 92½ Bush.
Muddy hole 106½
Mill 75
Neck 216

Began getting Fodder at the Mill.

6. Began getting Ditto in the Neck.

11. Sowed Apple Pummice in the New Garden—from Crab Apples.

sowed apple pummice: The pomace, a residue from cider making, contained apple seeds that would produce seedlings to use in grafting.

15. Finishd pulling (but not securing) Fodder at Doeg Run Quarter.

Did the same also at Muddy hole.

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