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Remarks—on the—Weather [October 1768]

Remarks—on the—Weather [October 1768]

Octr. 1. Clear and pleasant. Still forenoon but brisk Southwestwardly Wind afterwds.

2. Clear, Warm, & Still in the forenoon, a small Southwardly breeze in the Afternoon.

3. Clear & pleasant, with but little Wind & that Southwardly.

4. Brisk Southwestwardly Wind & warm with flying Clouds.

5. Rain in the Night—& in the Morning—clear abt. 8 Oclock with showers afterwards with the Wind westwardly & cool.

6. Clear & cool. Wind brisk from West.

7. Clear with but little Wind—& that Southwardly.

8. Clear with a fresh No. West breeze in the morning, but still afterwards.

9. Cloudy with appearances of much Rain—but none fell. Wind Southwardly in the Morng. & westwardly & cool afterwds.

10. Cool in the Morng. Moderate Afterwds. with little Wind.

11. A Frost this Morning to bite Fodder. Calm & warm forenoon. Brisk So. Westwardly wind & like for Rain in the Afternn.

12. Clear and cool morning. Wind fresh at No. West. Calm afternoon & warm.

13. Clear and cool. Wind still at No. West—in the Evening Eastwardly.

14. Calm and warm forenoon. Cloudy afternoon with appearances of Rain.

15. Foggy & Misty Morning. Warm, clear, & still afterwards.

16. Cloudy with the Wind Northwardly—then cold & Chilly—with appearances of Rain.

17. Cold Rain & disagreeable, with the Wind abt. No. East.

18. A severe frost this Morning—but Calm clear & warm day.

19. Calm, clear, & Warm forenoon, but lowering afternoon.

20. Moderate Rain till abt. 2 Oclock & Cloudy & misty afterwards. Wd. North.

21. A good deal of Rain in the Night & more or less till 9 or 10 Oclock then clear with the Wind Westwardly.

22. Clear and pleasant with a small Southwardly breeze.

23. Ditto—Ditto—Ditto.

24. Clear with the Wind Southwardly & Warm.

25. Foggy Morng. & Clouds—with a good deal of Rain in the Afternoon & night from No. East.

26. Clear & cool Wind brisk from the Westward.

27. Cold & clear. Wind abt. No. West.

28. Less cold Wind being at So. West & clear.

29. Warmer still. Wind continuing Southwardly & the weather clear.

30. Clear and very cool morning. Wind Westwardly. Afternoon Mild.

31. Mild Wind Southwardly and Clear.

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