George Washington Papers

[Diary entry: 18 June 1768]

18. At home all day prepg. Invoices and Letters for England.

The “Invoices and Letters” were all dated 20 June 1768, the “Invoices” listing personal and plantation items needed from England for Mount Vernon and the Custis estates. To Charles Lawrence of London, GW wrote for a “Suit of handsome Cloth Cloaths,” reminding the tailor that his long-legged correspondent stood a “full Six feet high” and was “not at all inclind to be corpulent.” GW also ordered new clothes, including a green riding outfit for “Mastr. Custis . . . now 15 Yrs. of age & growing fast” and “a Suit of blew Livery” for Jacky’s body servant (DLC:GW). From John Didsbury of London, GW ordered 32 pairs of shoes and boots for the Washington family, including 2 pairs of satin pumps, one in black and one in white, for Patsy Custis; also ordered were 4 pairs of “strong, course” shoes for Jacky’s body servant (DLC:GW). In his cover letter to Robert Cary & Co., GW complained that for “four years out of five” he had made less profit by consigning his tobacco to Cary to sell in England than he would have made if he had sold it in Virginia (DLC:GW).

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