George Washington Papers

[The Weather] July [1767]

[The Weather] July [1767]

1st. Clear and very Cool. Wind at No. West.

2. Do. Do. Do.

3. Do. Do. Do.

4. Still & somewhat warmer.

5. Winds varying. Cool & cloudy.

6. Winds Southwardly. Cool & cloudy with a good shower of Rain in the Night.

7. Cool & clear, wind No. West.

8. Do. Do. Do.

9. Clear & still but not hot.

10. Brisk Southwest Wind with clouds & a small sprinkle of Rain in the Afternoon.

11. Brisk southwest Wind in the forenoon. Very warm Afternoon with light Rain introduced with high Wind from No. West.

12. Southwardly Wind & clear.

13. Clear & pleasant. Wind northwardly in the morning.

14. Clear and not very warm. Wind Southwardly.

15. Clear with the Wind at South Wt.

16. Warm & woud have been Sultry but for a pleasant breeze fm. S.W.

17. Very warm with the Wind at So. West. In the Afternoon a fine Rain.

18. Clear. Wind No[rth]wardly.

19. Ditto—Do. Do. and Cool.

20. Cloudy & Cool. Wind Eastwardly with a little light Rain.

21. Rainy & Misty all day. Wind Eastwardly. Gd. very wet.

22. Cloudy & warm first part of the day with Rain in the Aftern.

23. Warm and pleasant, growg. Weathr.

24. Very warm and still.

25. Cloudy & warm the first of the day—with Rain for some hours in the Afternoon.

26. Cloudy with Rain now & then but not hard. Wind Southwardly & warm.

27. Warm & Clear. Also calm.

28. Ditto—Ditto in the forenoon. Afterwards Rain.

29. Clear Warm and still.

30. Warm & clear. Wind Southwardly.

31. Warm & clear in the forenoon. Afterwards slight Rain.

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