George Washington Papers

October [1766]

October [1766]

1st. 2, 3, & 4. Sowing Wheat Doeg Run.

2. Finished getting & securing Fodder at Muddy hole.

3. Getting Peas at Ditto—too late a good many of which being rotten on the Ground.

3 & 4. Continued Sowing Wheat at Do.

4. Finishd Sowing the little field at Doeg Run with 16 Bls.

6. Put my English Ram Lamb to 65 Ewes. Sheep at home as follows viz.

Old Ewes 64
Ewe Lambs 1
Old Weathers 18
Young Do. this yrs. Lbs. 11
1 Ram Lamb Engh. 1
95 in all
Sent 33 Ewe Lambs to Doeg Run &
2 Rams, 1 of them this yrs. Lamb.
35 in all.

⟨8.⟩ Finishd getting & securing Fodder in the Neck also that which belongd to Doeg Run there.

9. Sowed a piece of Hemp Gd. at the Mill in wheat 2½ Bls. which makes in all th⟨r.⟩ 58 B.

25. Finishd Sowing large field with [ ] Bls.

Finishd Sowing Wheat at Muddy hole—170 Bushels in all—18 of wch. white Wheat in the little field.

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