George Washington Papers

[November 1765]

[November 1765]

1st. Sent 1 Bull 18 Cows & 5 Calves to Doeg Run in all—24 head branded on the left Buttock GW.

Sent 3 Cows, & 20 Yearlings & Calves to the Mill, wch. with 4 there makes 27 head in all viz. 5 Cows & 22 Calves & Yearlgs. branded on the Right shoulder GW.

Out of the Frederick Cattle made the Stock in the Neck up 100 head—these branded on the Right Buttock GW.

Muddy hole Cattle in all [ ] head branded on the left shoulder GW.

6. Finishd sowing Wheat at the Mill—viz. 19 Bushls. in the large cut within the Post & Rail fence & 6 B. in the small cut wch. with 27 Bushl. sowed the other side makes in all 52 B.

13. Finishd sowing Wheat at Doeg Run,

viz.—on the other side—find. in Sepr 38 Bushl.
Corn Gd. & Do. in one adjg. this 108
Early wheat in Tobo. Gd. &ca
large white Do. in Orchd. ½
In all at Doeg R. 152
Do. in the Neck 152
Do. at Mudy. hole 75
Do. at the Mill 52
Do. at home 9
The whole years Sowg. 440

Finishd getting Corn at the Mill.

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