George Washington Papers

[December 1762]

[December 1762]

4. Finished Measg. & Lofting Corn.

6. 94 Barrls. Corn in great Corn Ho[use] at Muddy hole—when they began to use it.

Mr. Adams 8 Sheep from Mudy. hole.

GW records this delivery to Robert Adam of Alexandria in his General Ledger A description begins General Ledger A, 1750–1772. Library of Congress, George Washington Papers, Series 5, Financial Papers. description ends , folio 133, as “8 Fat Sheep.”

15. 8 Ditto from Doeg Run.

Killed 28 Hogs viz.

from Muddy hole 11 weighg. 1012
from Doeg Run 11 1056
from Riverside 2 196
from Creek 4 471
Whereof 16 were sold 1535
4 To Overs[ee]rs 315
8 for Family 885
To that there has been for the Family this Year 435
In all 6,632

GW made the above entries in The Virginia Almanack for the current year, as was his custom. The 1762 edition, like many eighteenth-century almanacs, contained a printed section of proverbs and anecdotes, appearing in this case near the end of the volume. Of the 100 items there, GW marked 15 with an X, apparently indicating that he found them especially interesting or amusing.

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