George Washington Papers

[October 1762]

[October 1762]

4. Put up 4 Hogs for forwd. Bacon at R[iver] Side.

GW had left Mount Vernon for Frederick County 3 Oct. and did not return until eight days later (GW to George W. Fairfax, 30 Oct. 1762, PHi: Dreer Collection).

12. Sowed Rye at Muddy hole.

13. Sowed Rye at Muddy hole.

18. Planted 4 Nuts of the Medateranean Pine in Garden close by the Brick Ho[use].

23. At Night set fire to brick Kiln.


Put up at Muddy hole 21 hogs
at Doag Run 9
at Ditto from Mill 16
at Creek Qr. 6
at Rivr. Side 4

27. Stopd Kiln holes about 2 oclock.

Ned Violette moved off for Frederick & John Alton to Muddy hole.

30. Sowed 3 pints of Timothy Seed below my Meadow at Ashfords.

Note—A small part on the So. West Side not broke up, but very light notwithstanding.

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