George Washington Papers

[Diary entry: 24 March 1762]

24. Burnt Tobo. Beds.

Grafted 5 others of the same Cherry’s on Scions standing in a Cluster in the Mint bed.

Also, 3 Bullock hearts (from Colo. Mason) one under the Wall to the right of the gate—2 others under the Wall also, between the 5 Cornation Cherrys & opposite to the Plumb trees.

Also—4 more of the fine early Cherrys from Colo. Masons, between the abo⟨ve⟩ and the Cherrys which were graf⟨ted⟩ last year from that tree by the Gra⟨pe⟩ Vine. These were all upon growg. Sc⟨ions⟩.

Grafted likewise in the Peach Orch⟨ard⟩ 4 More Apricots & in the Apple Orchard 6 more. Note. These Apricots came from the Plantation where Mr. Clifton used to live.

Beginning with the word “Grafted,” the remainder of the 24 Mar. entry has been transferred from a dated memorandum on the back cover of the diary.

4 more apricots: Prunus armeniaca, apricot. GW does not mention this fruit again in the diaries until 9 Feb. 1785, but other papers show that it was common in his orchards.

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