George Washington Papers

[September 1761]

[September 1761]

Septr. 8. Sowed 12 Bushels of Ray Grass Seed and 2 Bushels of Hop Trafoil in the Inclosure adjoining the Quarter. The Weather was extreamely dry when it was sowd, however their fell a slight Shower that day—as there did likewise the 10th. but not more than sufficient to lay the Dust thoroughly. The seed was Harrowed in with a Brush Harrow and it is apprehended buried too deep by that means as none of it appeard till towards the last of the Month after a great deal of Rainy Weather and then of none but the Ray grass. The other is not to be seen at this time Octr. 23d.

ray grass: Lolium perenne, perennial, or English, ryegrass.

[21] Cattle bought at My Bro. John Washington’s Sale 21st. Septr. 1761.

1 Cow and Calf £ 2.10
1 Ditto Ditto 2.3 
1 Ditto Ditto 2.16
1 Ditto Ditto 2.17
1 Ditto Ditto 3.3 
1 Ditto Yearling 2.9 
1 Ditto Ditto 3.1 
1 Ditto Ditto 2.10
1 Ditto 1.16
1 Steer 1.17
2 Ditto 2.  

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