George Washington Papers

[The Weather] [January 1760]

[The Weather] [January 1760]

1st. Fine warm Sun Shine—wind Southerly.

2. Warm, but Mist and Rain.

3. Just the same kind of Weather as Yestery.

4. Ditto.

5. Wind at No. West. Blew hard & grew very Cold.

6. Clear & tolerable warm.

7. Ditto.

8. The morng. fine, but Cloudy & cold afterwards.

9. High wind, but clear & tolerably warm.

10. Fine, clear & warm.

11. Morng. Lowering, but fine & warm afterwards.

12. White frost & clear in the Morng. but Cloudy afterwd.

13. Wind at N. Wt. very clear, & extrame cold.

14. Wind Do. but not hard—yet very cold & frosty.

15. Do. pretty fresh & very cold & frosty.

16. Wind at So. Wt. very cloudy in the Mg. At 12 begn. to Sn[ow].

17. Wind at No. Et. and Rain till Noon then Mist.

18. Great Sleet, & mist till Noon, then clear Wd. So.

19. Wind So. tolerable clear—but cloudy afternn.

20. Wind Contd. So[uther]ly with Rain, & Warm.

21. So[uther]ly in the Morng. and Rain till Noon—then No[rther]ly & clear.

22. Wind cond. No[rther]ly. Clear, cold, & hard frost.

23. Clear and Moderate—wind Westerly.

24. Fine day. Wind So[uther]ly. Gradual thaw.

25. Warm & So[uther]ly wind in the Mg. Afterwards. at No. Wt.

26. No. Et. in the Morng. So[uther]ly afterwards.

27. Strong So. wind & Rain till 4 P.M. then No. Wt.

28. Wind at So. again & fresh. Clear all day.

29. Wind at Do. till 3 Oclock then No. W. clear all d[ay].

30. So[uther]ly Wind & Cloudy till 9 at Night then No. W. & clear.

31. ⟨N⟩o. Wt. clear and Cold.

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