George Washington Papers

[Diary entry: 1 March 1760]

Saturday Mar. 1–1760. Finishd Bottling 91 dozn. Cyder.

The wind for the first part was at No. West & very cold, but shifting Easterly & then to So. it grew something warmer but continued Cloudy.

The Ground being hard froze stopd my Plows this day also—and employd all hands in running the dividing fence of my Pastures.

Traversd the Fields in the Lower Pasture again & set a Course from the head of the drain that Runs into my Meadow [ ] which leaves in the Tobo. House Field [ ] and in the other [ ].

Also found the contents of my Meadow to be [ ] and that the Pocoson at Cotton patch measurd [ ].

Note. The Ground cleard this year measures [ ] and the fallow Ground is only [ ]. The Marsh and Pocoson at the Creek point contains [ ].

pocoson (pocosin): from an Algonquin Indian word meaning a tidal swamp in its last stages before turning into dry land. In the miry pocosin soil, alternately covered and uncovered by water, would grow grass, shrubs, and pine trees.

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