James Madison Papers

James Madison to Edward Coles, 10 May 1836

Montpellier May 10th. 1836.

Dear Sir.

At the request of Mr. Madison who is too feeble to write, I subjoin a copy of the reply he dictated to an application renewed by C. S. Todd, thro’ my sisters, for the same object with that lately addressed to yourself. He adds his thanks for the copy you forwarded him of Armstrong, and his cordial respects. Allow us all to unite in the same tender to Mrs. Coles & yourself.

Jno. C. Payne

"I have recd. dearest Sister, your letter of April 22d I am grieved to tell you that my dear husband has been unusually sick for some days, and is at present unable to write, or even to exert his thoughts without oppressive fatigue. He desires me however to enclose Govr. Shelby’s letter to him of May 15th. 1814, according to Mr. Todd’s request which it gives him pleasure to comply with.

I hope that such a testimony in favor of General Harrison, and such facts and explanations as his friends can produce, will disprove charges against his Military character & conduct whether proceeding from error, or personal hostility."

P. S. The date of the receipt of Govr. Shelby’s letter does not appear, tho’ it was probably posterior to General Harrison’s resignation, nor that any answer was given, a course not unusual regarding letters of recommendation.

Mr. Madison < > his memory or files to calls for information which if not < > disclose charges, as well as defences on opposite < >

RC (NjP: Edward Coles Papers); FC (DLC).

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