James Madison Papers

James Madison to Robley Dunglison, 26 July 1834

July 26 —34

Dr Sir

I have delayed reporting the state of my health or rather of my malady, continually hoping that a few days wd. permit me to say, that I had been entirely freed from my eruptive complaint. But I am still obliged to state that altho’ the surface of my body & limbs are with trifling exceptions here & there, become clean & smooth, the continuance of the itching seems to give notice that there is a remnant of the cause lurking within. The lotion you recommendd has had the most effect in restoring the surface to a natural State

I thank you Sir for the Gazette you kindly inclosed to me. The letter published in it, tho’ doubtless written the best intentions & feelings, has as you may have inferred, not seized the exact meaning of some of my observations. It rarely happens otherwise, in the case of casual & hasty conversations. Be assured allways of the regards & good wishes of Mrs M & myself.

Draft (PHi).

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