James Madison Papers

Samuel J. Carr to James Madison, 19 July 1833

Washington City July 19th 1833

Most honoured Sir

I hope that you will excuse the liberty I now take in addressing you, as it is prompted only by a strong desire, (which is common to all American citizens) to learn the actual state of your health about which we hear frequent and alarming reports.

Although you are fast verging towards the natural term of human life, and have begun to experience the encroachments of time; our Country has great reason to be thankful to the Supreme disposer of events for permitting you to enjoy to so late a day the full strength of your energetic mind and faculties. In this Stage of your existence Sir, ’tis impossible for you to be insensible to the very strong degree of solicitude universally felt for your health and preservation and under the common impulses of which this communication is penned. For heaven Sake Sir, let me know by your own autograph reply if possible; the present condition of your health and that of your excellent family With the most durable affection and esteem Sir I have the honor to be your very obedient Servant

Samuel J. Carr

of So. Car. Member of the Asiatical, Geographical, & Anthropological, Societies of Paris. Late U States Consul for the Empire of Morocco, at Browns Hotel Washington City


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