James Madison Papers

[James Madison] to George Tucker, 6 July 1833

July 6. 1833

Dear Sir,

I inclose my answer to two letters from Mr. Jefferson, referred to in your inquiries Thro’ Dr. Dunglison. They are in the form of extracts, the answers one of them more particularly containing irrele<vant> paragraphs, not free from delicate personalities. You will have noticed the letter of Mr Jefferson to Docr. Gem immediately following that of Sept 6. to me, as explaining the age of a generation.

My letter of Ocr. 17. -88. appears to have been written currente calamo. Perhaps an extract from the extract may suffice for your purpose.

The objection to the power of Treaties made by the States, had as noticed in my letter of Oct -88 particular reference to the British Treaty on the subject of Debts, the source of so much subsequent agitation.

It is observable that Mr. J–n in his letter of May 15. -89. says this instrument, (the Constitution of U.S): forms us into one State, for certain objects &c. In a number of other places if I mistake not he speaks of the Constn. as making us one people, and one nation, for certain purposes: yet his authority is made to support the doctrine, that the State have parted with none of their Sovereignty or nationality.

Draft (DLC).

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