James Madison Papers

Matthew Maury to James Madison, 8 June 1833

New York 8 June 1833

My dear Sir,

Learning from my Father that it was his intention to make you a visit, I have taken the liberty of addressing his London Papers to you, & I am sure he will second me in the request that you will make use of them—

The present posture of affairs in England, the actual change which the Reform Bill has worked in the relative position of Ministers & Parliament, & the many new propositions made in the Commons, render the Debates more interesting than ever to the Statesman.

The minority of the Ministry on the Malt duty will afford them an excuse, if they are disposed to avail of it, for a more extensive retrenchment of expenditure than they would probably have ventured to propose under other circumstances. Requesting you to present my respects to Mrs Madison & to receive for yourself the assurances of my high respect & esteem I have the honor to be Your most obedient and much obliged Servant

M Maury


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