James Madison Papers

John H. J. Browere to James Madison, 29 April 1833

New York 29 April 1833

Dear Sir

Six years have elapsed since my visit to you at Montpellier. The <urbanity> attentions and Kindly feelings expressed towards me, will be forgotten but in death. The treatment I received was in accordance with your universally acknowledged characteristics, and therefore must be placed to the account of your native principles of philanthropy. The motives inducing my visit to Montpellier—Monticello, you well remember was to procure your and Mr Jeffersons portrait Busts, how successful were my efforts you have both acknowledged; suffice it to say, ’No one as yet have denied the fidelity of the likenesses. Our venerable chief Magistrate the President Elect (Andrew Jackson), has also by letter acceded to my request to make his Bust to be placed with yours and other Benefactors of our country in a national Gallery. I regret to say that as yet, no Law has been passed to protect modelling & sculpture, and therefore I have been hindered from completing the Gallery, as contemplated, fearful of having the collection < >. If, agreeable I should be proud to pay my respects to you in propria persona, accompanied by my eldest daughter, also an artist, immediately after the completion of the Presidents Bust—which I anticipate will be about the middle of may next. My daughter has long been desirous of visiting those at Montpellier so highly prized by her father and particularly her hearing the name of her youngest sister Dolly Madison Browere. A few lines from Mr & Mrs Madison—will be highly prized and duly appreciated With sentiments of profound respect—Yours truly in kindly feeling,

John H. J. Browere

Sculptor No 78 Christopher St New York

P S. Mrs Browere tenders her respects and prayers for a continuance of health & prosperity—

Eliza C. M. Browere


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