James Madison Papers

Samuel Martin to James Madison, 10 April 1833

Campbells Station Tn 10th. April 1833

D Sir

It is with Some pleasure I can Say it is very probable a bill can be got up next Session for the purpose of reducing the postage The past Session it was lost by the Casting Vote of Speaker Stevenson a Vote that would disgrace any respectable member of the Cherokee Council I calculate on a vast deal of good arising from it In France & England it will be a Subject of discussion in their Parliaments this present Session or at farthest the next Here we are engaged on the Subject of a State Convention My plan is a Compleat rotation in office no Judge to Serve over ten years no member of assembly over Six Same for Governour Clerks of Courts, Sheriffs, Constables, & Magistrates & never after eligible in the Same office To lay the ground Work of such matters I advocated to the utmost of my abilities the Justice of not extending the Charter of the U. S. Bank but that all Such institutions be thrown back on the people every twenty years at farthest This is my Opinion but it would Oblidge much to hear yours on the Subject I will try & get the same reason urged against the rechartering the Bank of England but their Situation is very different their existence depending on their Credit I wish Something in our new Constitution that will prevent any Suits for debt under five hundred dollars if there is any other method or means to keep these people from being Slaves than to put an end to Small Credits I have never been able to pass it in review in my mind Something from you on this Subject would be very acceptable

Samuel Martin


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