James Madison Papers

Lawrence T. Dade and Others to James Madison, 25 June 1832

25<mo>. June 1832


A portion of the Citizens of Orange have agreed to celebrate the approaching Anniversary of American Independence, at the Tavern of Joseph Hiden Esqr.—As deputed by them, and in their behalf, we most respectfully invite you to be their guest at the entertainment to be given on that occasion—an occasion become more particularly interesting now, whilst conflicting opinions upon certain great political questions, threaten seriously to disturb that harmony amongst the States, so essential to the prosperity of our National Confederacy.

If the state of your health should be such as to render it inconvenient for you to participate with us in the celebration, permit me to suggest that your Fellow Citizens would be much gratified, in that event, in being furnished by you with a sentiment. Grateful for the many and distinguished services, rendered by you to our beloved Country, in "times which tried men’s souls," we are with very great respect. yr obt. Servants.

Lawrence T. Dade

Peyton Grymes

Charls P. Howard

Thomas Thorp

Wm R Robinson



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