James Madison Papers

Elisha Smith to James Madison, 1 May 1832

 Rockcastle County Ky Mount-Vernon May 1, 1832

Dr. Sir,

You have my grateful acknowlledgements for your Answers (recd. last fall) to my enquiries upon the U. S. Bank. It was not, nor, will not be made Public.

Permit me again to ask your opinion, upon an other subject, of more importance to the People of these States, then the Bank question. I mean the Georgia and Cherik< e> question. Is the decission of the Supreme Court of the U. S. Correct. I woul<d> not Presume to make this interrogatory, did I not know, that you had bid farewell to Public life, and can have no ambition, save the Union of the States, And the happiness of her Citizens.

Flattery is not a part of my nature, but Permit me to say, that, the authority of your name can do more with the Nation, to Preserve the Constitution, the supremicy of the Laws, And the Union of the States, then other man liveing.

Patriotism demand of you (being Considerd the father of the Constitution) not to be silent, And Permit the Temple of Liberty you helped to rear, to tumble in to ruins.

May Heaven bless you, And your Companion with health & long life. Respectfully

E<l>isha Smith


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