James Madison Papers

James Madison to Tench Ringgold, 24 October 1831

Montpr ocr. 24 -31

Dear Sir

On the rect. of your obliging letter of the 23d. Ult. I requested a Friend at our University, to examine the letters deposited there by the grandson of R. H Lee. The answer informs me that in the Mass of deposited letters there are a number from Mr. Pendleton, but that a search into them had met with none on the Fedl Judiciary, nor any of a later date yn. the year 1785. Supposing it possible however, as the papers had not been assorted, and many not endorsed, that the search tho’ made with some care might have failed on that acct. my friend says that if Mr. Lee has any recollection of a letter such as that referred to, on the subject of the Fedl Judiciary, being among the papers, he will overhaul them again more leisurely & carefully, until he can lay his hands upon it. May I trouble you again, so far as to learn from Mr L. when it can be done without inconvenience whether he has any recollection of such a letter [as?] that in question. It must have been written, whilst the Judicial Bill was depending in the Se[nate] of the U. S. Perhaps the whole of Mr. P.’s letters migh[t] not have been sent to the university, and that amo[ng] a selected few retained, may be found the letter sought for. Pardon Sir this duplicate tax on your goodness, & be assured of my esteem & good wis[hes]


Draft (DLC).

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