James Madison Papers

James Madison to Bernard Peyton, 28 August 1831

Aug. 28. 1831

Dr. Sir,

I have 4 Hhds of Tobo on the road which will arrive soon after this; and which you will make the most of according to their quality & the state of the Market. 2 of the Hhds best of the lugs--l stemmed of inferior lugs. 1 unstemmed. The main cause of the inferior quality of the Crop, was as you suppose the want of rain. The soil was fresh & of the mountain fertility. Please to send by the wagons,

1 Bbl of brown sugar

1 do. Cheapest loaf do. for preserving:

50 lb. Green Coffee

two pds. best tea,

Mrs. M. unites with me in best regards to Mrs. P. & yourself

Draft (DLC).

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