James Madison Papers

James Madison to Frank Carr, 11 August 1831

Aug. 11 1831

Dr. Sir

Yours of the 9th. was handed to me by Mr. Jacobs. I could give him no direct information on the subject of his enquiries; but referred him to sources, on his route which may perhaps be of some avail to him.

I have continued the use of the medicine, which I owe to your friendly attention. But if it has had any effect it has been merely to slacken the increase of my Rheumatic complaints which instead of being diminished, has rather taken a larger range thro’ my frame. I am afraid it is of too obstinate a type, to yield if at all to any remedy but the vis medicatrix naturæ; favored by regulated habits in the patient.

I inclose 2 letters, which you will be good eno’ to file with the papers of the Visitors: and it may not be amiss to drop a line to each of the writers, giving them the information pertinent to the case which I have failed to do. With sincere esteem & cordial salutations.

J. M

Draft (DLC).

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