James Madison Papers

Mathew Carey to James Madison, 21 July 1831

Philada July 21. 1831.

Dear Sir,

I take the liberty to send you by this Mail, three numbers of a series of Essays, in which I have undertaken to expose the fallacy & deception of the nullifiers of South Carolina, who, most assuredly, are determined to Separate from the union, "peaceably if they can—forcibly if they must."

I am persuaded that the danger is greatly underrated, & therefore greatly increased by our Citizens generally. Men of such zeal, energy & talents, & influence, as Hamilton, Hayne, Miller, McDuffie, Cooper, &c. having so large a proportion of the people on their side, in a frenzied state of excitement, are irresistible. 500 Conspirators of such a character, are more efficient to overthrow, than 5000 to avert destruction. Every page of every history of revolt or insurrection, bears testimony to the truth of this position.

Immensely important as is the Subject, & laudable as is the object of these papers, I find it difficult to induce Mr Gales to insert them. He has three numbers in his possession (the first since the 1st or 2d inst.) & I have had to write him three letters before I could extract a promise to print them. The first, I am at length given to understand, is to appear on Saturday next. Yours, very respectfully,

Mathew Carey

RC (DLC). Docketed by JM.

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