James Madison Papers

E. Callender to James Madison, 3 October 1830

Camden State of Maine Octr 3 1830

Hond Sir,

I have Left Boston a few Days Since with a view of opening an academy, here but finding Little encouragment Shall proceed in a Day or too— Back to Boston I have been much disapointed in not obtaneing my wishes perhaps it is all for the best, your Family has been much abused my Vindication, has given much displeasure, but I heed it not— My persecution has been of a Fowl Black deep nature, which in part induced me to leave Boston— I now most Solemnly Sware I have not received any favors of name or nature from your Family at any time whatever so help me God; but if you could Send me relief, by private conveyance it would be highly exceptible at this time. I wote Some time Since for a Birth under Goverment but have had no answer

I have yet by me my manuscrip writings of about three hundred Pages, astronemy, Philosephy, Botany & Divinity, allso a number of drawings of Plants, leaves, Trees & Flowers, which I have a great disire, you could See the whole, as I think they would afford you much pleasure;— all the Letters I have ever wrote you has been of the purest Langage no vulgarity in them if any one has forged my Signature & wrote to the contra I am free from blame I know well the assasind Vilinay which has for a Long Time been leveled against me and have ever been on the alert— It is my long & Studied acquirements they have level’d there Vengence at through me, which I have long despis’d & treated with consumate contempt if you write me under cover address my Letter to James Anderson My warmest regards to you & Family I am most Respy your obt Serv

E. Callender


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