James Madison Papers

[Edward Everett] to James Madison, 28 September 1830

Charlestown Massts. 28th. Septr. 1830

Dear Sir.

I have the honor to send You A copy of my Article in the No. of the N. A. Review Which will appear on the 1st of Octr. done up in a pamphlet form.

In reading it You will please to Consider it as written for A Miscellaneous periodical journal. Had I been Writing an essay for separate publication More Unity of plan w’d have been Studied. But Even for the review it is too long &ca –Cursive. This is partly owing to its being sent in separate portions to the press, & the want of opp’y to give it Connected revision.

I ought also to observe that the greater part of it was printed off, before I was certain of receiving y’r letter in season to be attached to it.

I hope You will find Your letter printed with Scrupulous Accuracy. To effect that object I sent (ag’st my will) the original Ms to the press And took unusual pains in the Correction of the proof sheets.

I duly received Your favor of the 10th. I had presumed the fact to be as You there State it vizt. that the term nullification was derived from Mr J. I accordingly have been Careful to confine My remarks on the authority of Mr Jefferson to his resolutions as on p. 43. of the pamphlet.

I fear you will not approve the Strain of some parts of My Article, Such as page 62 and pages 74 & 75. I had Great Misgivings about those passages particularly the latter But some thing Must be allowed to the Style of writing Common in anonymous contributions to periodical works; & Some thing to a wish to present the subject to the imaginations & feelings of Men. It is desirable to enlist every class of readers in topics like these; & the graver Style repels one class, whos[e] opinions Never theless are worth conciliating.

Renewing my acknowledgments to You for Your kindness on this occasion, I beg leave to tender You the assurance of My Great respect & Sincere gratitude.

Letterbook copy (MHi).

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