James Madison Papers

Lafayette to James Madison, 10 July 1830

La grange July 10th 1830

My dear friend

This letter will be delivered by Mr Ruggi whom You Have known at Charlottesville in His Statuary profession. He called upon Mr Rives, Mr David and myself, Several Months ago, with a paper Signed by the professors of the University, engaging them, to the amount of $1000 towards the payment of a Statue of our illustrious friend Jefferson provided, on its Arrival at Charlottesville it Was approved and Appreciated by a Competitive Committee. Such is the first Step to a very desirable object. But Mr Ruggi ought to Have Collected in Virginia and other States a larger list of Suscribers Before He Undertook to Have this Capital Work performed By European Artists. This he omitted to do, and on Application to an italian Sculptor He Was asked $10000 He Says that the Evaluation By My friend Mr david the first Actual Sculptor in France, a member of the institute, and a Most Generous Gentleman, does not exceed $8000. Mr Ruggi Has determined to do What he should Have Begun With, and to Revisit the United States to Collect Subscriptions. He Requests a letter of introduction to You, and through You to our friends more particularly interested in the Concerns of the University, and the intended plan. I Need Not tell How Happy I Would Be to See Such an Homage paid to the Memory of Jefferson, and I Request You Will put me on the list of the Subscribers for three or four hundred dollars, or more as You will See it Goes on With other friends and Admirers. It Were to Be Wished Mr david Was entrusted With the Work, a Collossal Statue Was Spoken of, But it Might be of an ordinary Size and thereby Some What Cheaper. I am Sure He Would do it, for the Sake of His love of freedom and personal glory at a lower price than any other Artist; But I Must See him Before I Say any thing positive on the Subject. In the Mean While I Send this letter to Mr Ruggi. With my affectionate Respects to Mrs Madison I am What You Have long known me Your most afictionate friend


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