James Madison Papers

James Madison to James Monroe, 30 June 1830

June 30. 1830

Dear Sir

I have not heard a word from you or of you thro’ any Channel, since my letter of the . I augur favorably from this silence, as to your health, and hope to see you here by the 7 or 8th. of the approaching month. I am anxious for your attendance at the Meeting of the Visitors,(on the 10th. of July), who will have sundry interesting matters before them, particularly the appointment of a Successor to Mr. Lomax. Several names will probably be brought forward. Among them is that of Mr. Davis, Secretary of the Board, if the pulse of the members, should be found to beat in his favor. I mention this in confidence as it has been mentioned to me; Mr. Davis being a Modest man, & his friends feeling much delicacy. From the slight knowledge I have of Mr. D. I have formed a very favorable opinion of his talents, and his amiable disposition; and I learn from Mr. P. P. Barbour who knows him well, that he has strong mind, intensity of application, and legal arguements, which he is daily extending, that are truly respectable. Mr. B. refers to a written Law Argument of Mr. D, that placed him, both for sound reasoning, and critical research, high in the estimation of good Judges. Drop me a line on the rect. of this, and it will be in time to assure me that I shall have your Company to the University. Health & all other good wishes

James Madison

RC (owned by Frank Glenn, Kansas City, Missouri, ).

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