James Madison Papers

Fayette Nevil and Others to James Madison, 8 February 1830

Hall of the Union Society
Hampden Sidney College Prince Edward Co. Va.
February 10th. 1830


In announcing to you your election as an Honorary Member of the Union Society of Hampden Sidney College; permit us briefly to state the object of this Society, and the qualifications requisite to entitle an individual to the distinction that is now confer’d on you. It’s grand objects are the diffusion of Knowledge and the cultivation of moral and Virtuous principles. Our Society holds in view not only the literary improvement of those immediately connected with it but founded on a more noble principle it is peculiarly anxious for the general promotion of Literature and Science. In order to affect this we endeavour to unite as much talent and influence as possible by selecting Honorary Members. Literary merit and reputation our Constitution holds as indispensable to Honorary membership. Society in your election must therefore have recieved you as possessing these eminent qualifications. Your acceptance of this appointment if attended with no sacrafice on your part will be highly gratifying to us. We have an Aniversary meeting on the 4th. Wednesday in September (the evening of Commencement) at which time we expect all of our Honorary members who can conveniently do so, to attend These meetings when well attended are found to be interesting and highly improving to our regular members We hope to hear from you as soon as convenient. With sentiments of respect &c.

Fayette Nevil

Robt. Southgate

Benj: P. Burwell

Corresponding committee of the Union Society

RC (DLC). Docketed by JM.

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