James Madison Papers

William R. Griffith to James Madison, 25 December 1829

Frankfort Kentucky 25 Decemr 1829

Dr Sir

I herewith hand you a list of lands in which I presume yourself & relations have an Interest—the tract of 500 acres & 200 acres, and an additional tract of 200 acres which I got from the office in Richmond, all lie on Cloves Creek and in reach of your agent Mr Lee—the settlers resideing on those lands pretend to hold them by virtue of tax sales, which are doubtless illegal—I have looked in the Clerks office of the Court of appeals & find that our late Minister James Barbour sold to Carneal about the year 1805 the 10.000 acre tract which was patented to Thomas Barbour, and was the joint property of the Orange Company The 10.000 acres patented in the name of James Barbour has been sold & Conveyed away long since—you cannot reach Those lands as those holding are innocent purchasers—but most evidently the representatives of Madison & Moore have a recourse on The heirs of The Barbours I suggested what I believed the only prudent course relative to the lands sold Bell & Tapscott—and I fear the great delay your business is destined to, will comfirm The Correctness of my Views, please say to your worthy lady, that her political favorite delivered in this Town to the Colonization society a most splendid & eloquent address, which I will forward her when printed—there has been some talk as to nominating him (H Clay) for the presidency there being a decided majority in both houses decidedly in his favour, but it is deemed premature, I wrote you in reply to your last & now consider your family furnished with information to enable you how to proceed, I will cheerfully afford you any aid in my power In haste respectfully

Wm R. Griffith

The assembly will rise about the 20 Jany when I shall return home, to Daviess County where a letter will find me

W R Griffith

A Grant issued to James Madison for 2000 acres of land on the 30th day of May 1785 lying in Fayette County [ ] Robert Saunders in Elkhorn

A Grant issued to James Madison [ ] of Benjamin Powell for 200 acres of land on the 15th day of July 1785 lying in the County of Jefferson on Clover Run a branch of Ohio

A Grant issued to James Madison [ ] of Samuel Young for 200 acres of land on the 15th day of July 1785 lying in Jefferson County on Clover Creek formerly called Hargis fork *

A Grant issued to James Madison for 500 acres of land on the 23d day of January 1786 lying in Jefferson on Clear Creek a branch of Ohio.

A Grant issued to Ambrose Madison for 975 acres of Land on the 16th day of February 1793 lying in Fayette county on the main fork of Elkhorn


M M Foster RSO

by E A Macurdy D R.

* also 200 acres adjoining hereto patented same time

W R Griffith

RC and enclosure (DLC). Enclosure is a list of Madison family lands.

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