James Madison Papers

James Madison to Bernard Peyton, December 1829

[ca. 1830]

Dr. Sir

I am about sending down a few Hhds of Tobo. which will probably arrive a day or two after this. If I shd. not be disappd. in 2 hired Waggons, there will be 8 Hhds. I leave them as heretofore to be sold at your discretion. I have four or five more, which are I believe of inferior quality; and I am not decided whether the present price may not recommend the retaining them, for the chance of the next year. Give me your opinion on the subject & whether it be worth while or not to have them stemmed. The return of the Waggons will be a good opportuny for sending me the vol. of Consl debates, which you have been so good as to procure for me. May I ask the favor of you also to make the annual payts. due for the Enquirer I note in the margin, a few articles which we avail ourselves, of the present oppy. of getting from Richd.

Vial. of 4d. McKelder’s

10 Sacks Salt (Sacks good), Tincture of Rhubarb

2 bottles [ ]

10 or 12 loaves of good Sugar 4 Cakes white way

Abt. 100 yds. good linnen for negro Sheeting.

Keg of F. Brand—say 10 Gallons [Keg sent

Draft (DLC).

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